A lot of unanswered questions as the Bucs get ready for training camp

We are just about seven days away from the opening of training camp. The Buccaneer veterans will report On July 28th and there is much that has yet to be determined as to how the league is going to keep the players safe during meetings and at practice.

The league did announce that there will be 75-80 players allowed to come to training camp. This will hurt the bottom of the roster on some teams as there was usually a handful of players that would scratch and claw their way onto the roster.

Bucs offensive tackle Donavan Smith has already stated publicly that he is very concerned about the safety of the players and playing through this pandemic.

The league announced this week that all players will have until August first to opt-out of playing during the 2020 season.

Rookies will report to One Bucs place this Tuesday, followed by quarterbacks and free agents on Thursday. The full squad reports on July 28th.

Linebacker Shaq Barrett signed his one-year franchise tag of 15.828 million dollars. Barrett ays still hoping to work out a longe term contract with the Bucs that will keep him in Tampa.

NFLPA president DeMaurice Smith said there are estimates that each team could lose $70 million in 2020, which could mean a 2021 salary cap of around $120M.

That is a $70 Million drop from this year’s cap of 190 Million dollars. That would put every team into salary cap hell.

I am not a capologist, but there has been some talk that the NFL would reduce the cap by 10-20 million dollars over the next few years and borrow the rest of the cap money against future years.

This would eliminate the need to shave 70 Million dollars from the cap which would be difficult to do for every team.

Most teams have more than that committed to their marquee players.

With the uncertainty of the salary cap, this may explain why the Bucs have been quiet on the free-agent front. It would also explain why players like DaVonta Freeman, Clay Matthews, and Ziggy Anash are still available.

The Bucs also need to sign their 2020 draft class as none of the picks have come to contract terms with the Bucs.

The league has come up with what they are calling COVID travel rules per ESPN’s Dan Graziano.

No use of public or private transportation in other cities.
No leaving the hotel to go to restaurants open to the public.
No room visits by anyone outside of the traveling party.
No use of shared hotel facilities such as pools and gyms.
Masks required while traveling.
Buses at no more than 50% capacity.
At least one open seat between passengers on the plane.

No word yet officially from the Bucs on the seating plan for Raymond James Stadium this fall. The Bucs should be making some kind of announcement in the next week or two.

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