Arians brings aggressive philosophy to Tampa

When Bruce Arians was being introduced as new HC in Tampa, he said there is a phrase that he has always operated by and it kind of summed his life philosophy. ‘No risk it, no biscuit.”

What exactly does this mean? You have to take chances. You cant be conservative, and that pretty much sums up the operating philosophy of the new Bucs HC.

Conservative is a not a word in his vocabulary and definitely not a philosophy that Arians would want to be used to characterize his offense or defense.

As part of this operating mantra, the Bucs offense should be a lot more wide open than what we saw in 2018. Of course thats easy to say on your first day as the new HC when you have yet to watch any film and see how poor the run game was or how meek the OL was, and how many stupid penalties they took.

In spite of all that, I believe Arians when he says the offense will be more wide open and the Bucs will take more chances.

This philosophy should play to Jameis Winston’s strength as he likes to take chances and trys to make a play especially when there is nothing there. Oh wait. That’s decision making and that is something else that Arians will have to really work with Winston on.

Arians said he dosen’t want Winston being afraid of making a throw or making a mistake, but if we see Winston turning the ball over too many times and making poor decisions, Arians will let him know real quick that will not be tolerated.

Under Arians the defense will be a lot more aggressive. The blitz will make an appearance quite often in Tampa.

Under Koetter and Smith the Bucs rarely blitzed, but under Bowles and Arians the blitz will be a promenient piece of the defensive strategy.

it was almost as if Koetter was afraid to turn the boys loose, but under Arians that wont be the case. During Bowles last season as DC in Arizona with Arians, the Cardinals blitzed over 40% of the time.

Arians will also have a zero tolerance policy for stupid penalties. That should put everyone on the OL on notice.

Arians says he will work with the various position groups during OTA’s and camps to reduce the penalties. If the penalties continue Arians says its one of two things, “You don’t care or you don’t give a shit” Arians went on to say that if this is the case you can’t be a Buccaneer.

I like this focus and emphasis on eliminating the stupid penalties. Ryan Jensen had 11 penalties last year and a lot of those were after the play and were for unnecessary roughness and other extra curriculars after the play was over.

Discipline and accountability are two of the things that you will hear a lot about especially as OTA’s give way to training camp.

This roster still needs a lot of work, but I like what I’ve seen and heard from Arians. It is certainly a refreshing change of pace from the Koetter regime.



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