Balls Pucks and other stuff..

–I am really surprised by the play of Jonathan Drouin so far in the playoffs. The 1 goal and 2 assists don’t tell the whole story. He has not been afraid to get into the corners and sacrifice his body. His puck handling and skating have been superb. He is also gaining the confidence of his teammates. He is not afraid to take the big hit as we witnessed last night in New York.. I think I speak for most Lightning fans when I say I hope he stays  in Tampa. Hopefully Yzerman will see it the same way.

— Nice to see Victor Hedman get his mojo back after a lackluster game 1. He has been a real force the last 2 games defensively and also with his goal scoring. Hedman needs to continue to play well to give the Lightning a chance to play for the cup.

–With 34 games in the books, is everyone as surprised as I am by the inconsistency and lack of hitting by the Rays? They are dead last in all of MLB with a .221 batting avg. 4 points behind Houston which is 29th at .225.  A third of the starting line-up is hitting below the Mendoza line. For the Rays to even think about the playoffs they will need to begin to hit and quickly.

–On a brighter note the pitching of the Rays has been solid to this point posting a 3.61 ERA. However as stated earlier, it won’t matter if the Rays can’t start getting some hits.

–Very surprised by the outcry and disappointment in the Bucs selection of kicker Roberto Aguayo. Last year Kyle Brindza cost the Bucs at least 1 game and you could make a case for 2-3 games before he was cut in early October. Aguayo did not miss a kick from inside 40 yards in his college career. Mark my Words, he will be Good for at least 2 wins this year maybe more. By the end of the year everyone will be glad the Bucs drafted this kid. He will be that good. 

–With 4 starters the Bucs drafted in the 2015 draft, everyone knew it would be unlikely to even come close to repeating that in the 2016 draft. I think the Bucs had a good draft and picked at least 3 more starters. 2 on defense should pay dividends right away. Hargraves at Corner and Spence at DE should definitely start along with K Aguayo. Congrats to GM Jason Licht for another solid draft.

–I am already jacked for the 2016 football season. Is it September yet?

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