Buccaneer options at quarterback should they move on from Winston

Should the Bucs decide to move on from quarterback Jameis Winston, they will have need to acquire someone to hold the position down permanently. The Bucs will have to bring a new quarterback via the trade or through free agency. The Bucs could also draft a quarterback in the upcoming draft and have that veteran quarterback that they bring in mentor the young quarterback until he is ready to take over the position.

There are a lot of quarterbacks that will be available in free agency and via the trade route. Some of those quarterbacks may retire or re-sign with their team.

Drew Brees has indicated he will re-sign with the Saints or retire.

Tom Brady is reportedly moving his family out of New England, indicating that there is a possibility he will play for someone other than the Patriots next season.

The Chargers have announced that Phillip Rivers will not be re-signed making him a free agent. Rivers has moved his family to family as he prepares for the next step in his career.

There are strong rumors that Rivers might be playing for The Bucs next season should they not re-sign Jameis Winston.

Dark Prescott is a free agent. Ryan Tannehill, Marcus Mariota, Teddy Bridgewater and the list goes on and on.

There are three quarterbacks that will be available in the draft that will be taken in the first round.

Joe Burrow of LSU, Tua Tagovailoa of Alabama, and Justin Herbert of Oregon. All three of those guys are fist round material and could go in the top 10.

Jake Fromm from Georgia could go late in the first round, but will more likely be a second round pick.

There are five teams that will be, and could be looking for that next great quarterback in this years draft.

Cincinnati, Miami, Jacksonville, and possibly the LA Chargers, along with the Carolina Panthers.

The Bucs have other needs that will need to be filled other than the quarterback position. Offensive line, defensive line, secondary, and running back.

Here are some options for the Bucs should they move on from Jameis Winston.

1. Teddy Bridgewater. Bridgewater is a free agent along with Drew Brees in New Orleans and if Brees retires, the Saints will re-sign Bridgewater and make him their starting quarterback taking him off the market.

Bridgewater would be a good choice for the Bucs should they move on from Jameis Winston. Bridgewater is just 28 years old and went 5-0 in place of Drew Brees as the starter this past season. Bridgewater plays within the system, can run when he needs to, and can throw the ball with authority and precision.

In five games that he started Bridgewater had just three turnovers. Two interceptions and one fumble to go with his nine touchdowns passes.

Bridgewater would cost the Bucs around 20 million per season according to the numbers calculated by Spotrac.

2. Nick Foles. The signing of Foles to that 88 million dollar contract cost Tom Coughlin his job in Jacksonville as VP of football operations as Foles never lived up to the hype and expectations that was created for him in Jacksonville,

Foles broke his collarbone in week one and did not return till week 11. In four stats with the Jaguars, Foles threw for 736 yards, three touchdown passes with two interceptions and two fumbles.

Foles may need a fresh start elsewhere as the Jaguars appear to have soured on Foles. The Bucs would have to put a trade package together for Foles who will make 15.7 million dollars this season.

Foles proved in Philadelphia that in the right offense he can be successful as he led the Philadelphia Eagles to the Super Bowl in the absence of Carson Wentz.

The only concern is his propensity for fumbling the ball as he has 32 fumbles in 48 career stats.

3. Andy Dalton. 32 years of age. Dalton is still under contract in Cincinnati, so the Bucs would need to work out a trade with the Bengals.

Dalton’s career appears to be over in Cincinnati as the Bengals are looking at taking quarterback Joe Burrow Of LSU with their number one pick.

Dalton will earn 17.5 million dollars this season and the Bengals will not want to pay Dalton that kind of money to be a back up as the Bengals have a reputation for being notoriously cheap with their player salaries.

In 13 starts, Dalton threw for 349 yards with 16 touchdowns, 14 interceptions, and eight fumbles.

Phillip Rivers does not make sense given the fact that Rivers is 38 years old, he in not very mobile, the Bucs running game is not very good, and he was a turnover machine last year.

The Bucs may take Winston’s salary into account also as they will have to pay him 25=30 million dollars a season depending on if they tag him a or sign home to a contract.

If the Bucs were to sign Bridgewater, trade for Foles or Dalton, they would save anywhere from 3-8 million dollars a season that could be used to improve the team in other areas.

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