Buccaneers Draft Preview Part 1

To say the Buccaneers defense under achieved last year would be a major understatement. With that said this could be the year that the Bucs draft all defensive players in the draft. Although the Bucs do have some needs on offense, they pale in comparison to what the needs are on defense.

With this part 1 preview of the draft we will look at the cornerbacks. I believe The Bucs have to take a corner with their first selection at #9. There at least 4 guys who could be drafted in the first round, 2 of those could be top 10 picks.

Jalen Ramsey out of Florida State is the consensus no. 1 corner available in the draft. A 3 year starter for the Noles, can also play safety. Needs to work on his technique, but has great athletic ability. Ramsey is 6-1 and should have no trouble covering the taller wide receivers in the league. Needs to manage his emotions better.

Vernon Hargraves out of Florida the next best corner in this draft. Not a huge difference in playmaking ability between Ramsey and Hargraves. A 3 yr starter and All-American, is able to read and anticipate plays very well. Is a small corner, only 5-11, could be pushed around some by the bigger receivers.

MacKensie Alexander of Alabama, and Eli Apple of Ohio State are number 3 and 4 on my list of the best available corners. Both Alexander and Apple are 2 yr starters. Alexander never had a pick in college. Alexander is the more physical of the corners. Both have a lot to learn and have a tremendous upside.

My bet is Mackensie Alexander ends up with the Bucs. Although Hargraves could fall to them at No. 9, I think Rmasey will be gone as he is a top 5 Pick.

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