Buccaneers Offense Struggles To Be Consistent

Tom Brady talked about being the Buccaneers offense being more consistent when he met with the media Thursday afternoon after practice.

Bruce Arians defended Todd Bowles and Byron Leftwich in an interview with the Tampa Bay Times this week. Arians thinks winning a division title will suddenly mean instant success in the NFL playoffs.

Everyone seems to know how to fix the Buccaneer’s offensive woes, yet sharp execution and consistency are ongoing problems.

The only consistency this team has shown on offense is the ability to play poorly consistently.

Buccaneers Running Game

The running attack has been awful all season and is last in the league at 1,040 yards and averaging 3.3 yards per carry.

After being near the bottom of the league in running the ball in 2021 with 4.3 yards per carry, the Buccaneers have taken another step back this season.

After letting Ronald Jones walk in free agency, the Buccaneers drafted Rachaad White as the complementary back to Leonard Fournette. However, White got off to a slow start and has just started to be showcased more in the offense in the last month of the season.

The offensive line injuries and losing three starters from last year’s team have also contributed to the poor run game. The best center in the NFL, Ryan Jensen, has missed the entire season with a leg injury. In addition, tackle Donovan Smith has played the worst football of his career. Rookie Luke Goedecke won the battle with Nick Leverett to start at left guard, which proved disastrous.

To make any noise in the playoffs, the Buccaneers must figure out how to run the ball consistently.

Many times this season, the Buccaneers have been in third and short, and even fourth and one and have not been able to get the one yard for the first down.

Running the ball with authority and having the ability to run the ball and move the clock is an essential key to winning football games in the playoffs.

Buccaneers Can’t Score Points

This team can’t seem to score points. In addition, they are consistently bad at executing a game plan for quarters.

With this team’s talent on offense, there is no excuse to be near the bottom of the league in scoring averaging 17.2 points per game.

With four potential future Hall of Famers on the roster, how do you go from averaging 30 points per game last season to 17 points this season?

Brady’s numbers are not bad. 20 touchdown passes, almost 3900 yards passing, seven interceptions, and a rating of 89.1

But with the personal issues he has dealt with this season; his game has been off.

Receivers are missed. Balls are thrown into the dirt. There has been a lot of missed communication on the long deep balls thrown to Mike Evans. Something is off.

It is not all Brady’s fault, but he has not played like the Tom Brady that we saw his first two years in Tampa.

Poor Play Calling

The lack of production also falls on the shoulders of offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich. I don’t think I have ever seen a more bland offense. (The first half of the Bengals game last week is excused.)

At times this offense looks like it is running a preseason offense. There is no imagination. No motion. They are running the ball ad nauseam on first down, constantly put in third and long situations.

It’s embarrassing for an NFL offense to be this generic and bland in its playcalling.

The last time the offense was this bad was in 2014 when the Bucs finished 2-14. Without Tom Brady as the quarterback, the Bucs would have no more than two wins this season.

Let’s hope that Tom Brady was talking about improving the consistency of making plays and execution in his media chat Thursday, not the consistency of being one of the worst offenses in the league.

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