Bucs draft preview final edition

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers will be picking 19th tomorrow night in the first round of the NFL draft in Philadelphia. The latest news being reported today is the there is a 50-50 chance the Bucs will trade down from their position. That is being reported by ESPN.

The thinking may be that if the guy that the Bucs are targeting is not there, then why not trade down and collect a few extra picks. This is not the Cleveland Browns personal department where every top pick seem to be a miss. As I wrote earlier in the week, This Bucs personal department led by GM Jason Licht has a pretty solid track record when it comes to draft picks.

CBS Sports is reporting the Bucs will take RB Dalvin Cook from FSU. Fox Sports has the Bucs picking OT Cam Robinson from Alabama, and yet another mock draft service has the Bucs taking DB Gereon Conley from Ohio State. So you can see the experts are all over the place in what they think the Bucs will do.

The Bucs biggest need right now I think is at RB especially with the un-certain status of Doug Martin. All indicators are that Martin is in top shape, and has a good attitude and is working hard to get back in the good graces with the Bucs. He will still have the three games to sit out this season and will not be available till October first.

Dalvin Cook from FSU is my choice for the Bucs. I think he is the most complete RB in the draft. He is one of the best at catching the ball out of the backfield, and we all know what a dynamic runner he is. You would hate to see the Bucs leave a talent like that on the board.

The Bucs do need some depth on the DL and defensive backfield. Some depth at WR would not hurt either. The newly acquired Desean Jackson is 32 and you don’t know how many productive years he has left in him.

Mike Williams of Clemson is the top rated WR in this draft, and will likely be gone by the time the Bucs pick at 19. John Ross of Washington and Corey Davis of Western Michigan are the next best prospects on the board at WR, but will be gone by the time the Bucs pick at No. 50. Cutis Samuel of Ohio State may be the best available WR at that time.

To sum it all it all up I think the Bucs go RB at No. 19 selecting Dalvin Cook, and I like a WR at No. 50 possibly Curtis Samuel.

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