Bucs draft puts their offense in elite class

When the Bucs selected O.J. Howard with their first round selection, there was some disappointment in some of the Bucs fans as they were looking for the Bucs to select Dalvin Cook of FSU. Yes Cook would have added another dimension to the offense with his pass catching ability, But after analyzing the Howard selection, I agree with the selection.

O.J. Howard is a big body 6-5, 251 pounds. He is quicker than most DB’s as Howard ran the 40 in 4.51 seconds. We saw what he can do on the big stage in the last two national championship games against Clemson. He has great hands and has the knack for making the tough catches in traffic.

Bucs fans, let your mind wonder for a minute. You have Mike Evans split left, DeSean  Jackson and Adam Humphries to the right, and here comes  O.J. Howard. Oh yeah, lets not forget about Doug Martin and his pass catching ability in addition to his ability to run for the tough yards. Jameis Winston has plenty of options in this offense.

If you are an opposing defense, who do you cover? Do You double up on anyone? This offense, with the addition of Howard is going to create a lot of mis-matches for opposing defenses. Mike Evans and DeSean Jackson are all pro receivers. Winston all-pro at QB. Howard has plenty of potential and certainly the ability and skill to be an all pro TE down the road. If Martin can return to his pro bowl form, wow! That is five potential all-pro candidates on the field at one time.

That is why I am so excited about this Bucs offense and can’t wait to see the way they use Howard. The Bucs do have the TE who caught the most TD passes last year by a TE  in Cameron Brate.  The Bucs like Brate, but Howard is a bigger quicker TE. Howard’s upside was just too much to pass up.

The Bucs added WR Curtis Goodwin in the third round and then RB Jeremy Nichols from Boise State in the 5th round, The Bucs also added defensive help selecting S Justin Evans in the second round, LB Kendall Beckwith from LSU in the third round and then picking up DT Stevie Tuikolovatu in the seventh round.

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