Bucs get ready for free agency

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have near 70 million dollars to spend on potential free agents as the annual bidding frenzy begins on Thursday March 9th at 4 PM.  GM Jason Licht says that the Bucs will not spend it all on FA, but will save a lot of it for future contract extensions.  A big play WR opposite Mike Evans is must for this team either during free agency or in the NFL draft.

DeSean Jackson cut loose by the Redskins is rumored to be interested in playing with the Bucs. There was a lot of talk he would go back to Philadelphia, but that does not appear to be the case. Jackson, 30 years old would be a great addition to the this team and the duo of Evans and Jackson would definately give opposing defenses fits.

Another name to keep in mind that would be a nice addition if the Bucs do not sign Jackson would be Pierre Garçon another receiver cut by the Redskins. Garçon 30 years old has been a very reliable receiver in the league and would also take the pressure off Mike Evans. Garçon caught 79 balls for 1.041 yards and 3 TD’s while  averaging over 13 yards a catch.

The Running back position is one that has just  recently been talked at One Buccaneer Place.  Doug Martin reportedly is clean and has been seen at the Bucs training facility. With his suspension last season,  his contract was voided by the Bucs. I think they will probably bring him back with a very low base salary and an incentive laden contract.

Adrian Peterson who was cut loose by the Vikings is a free agent and many of you would like to see him in a Bucs uniform. Not so fast. Peterson has had 3 major knee injuries. ACL and  MCL in 2011,  and  a torn meniscus this past season. Peterson is 31 years of age and has had less than 400 carries the past 3 years. I just don’t think he is going to be anything close to the Adrian Peterson of old after this surgery. He is also going to want Big money.

A player on this roster last season that no one talks about is Jacquizz Rodgers. After Doug Martin and Charles Sims went down with injuries  and suspensions last year, Rodgers stepped in nicely rushing for 560 yards and 4.3 yards a carry. He is just 27 tears old and has 448 carries in his career. Not a lot of miles on those legs. When given the opportunity this past season, Rodgers ran hard, got the tough yards, and saved the Bucs running game this season.  The Bucs need to do whatever they need to do to re-sign Jacquizz Rodgers.

If the Bucs cannot sign Rodgers, other free agent options besides Peterson include Jamal Charles, Eddie Lacy, and Danny Woodhead. Latavius Murray of the Raiders  is also available.

The Bucs will probably sign a DB as Chris Conte and Bradley Macdougald will not be back.

The Bucs re-signed DL William Gohlston to a 5 year 37 million dollar contract extension. Gohlsten had his best year as a Buc this past season and was a key part of the Bucs defensive improvement. Gohlsten had 49 tackles and 3 sacks.


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