Bucs get ready for rookie camp, an offensive linemen may be available

With rookie camp coming this Friday and Saturday, the Bucs have not signed any of their 2019 draft picks due to the fact that there is no money right now to sign anyone.

It will not become a serious issue until training camp, but agents have been known to hold their players out of rookie camp and mini camp if they have not signed a contract.

Do not look for the Bucs to sign anyone until the issue with Gerald McCoy is resolved. McCoy is not going to take a pay cut and the if the Bucs were going to trade him, they surely would have done so by know.

One position the Bucs did not draft was the offensive line. Listening to offensive line coach Joe Gilbert, he said that the Bucs were ready to possibly draft an offensive linemen, and then right before they were to pick the team in front of them drafted the linemen they were possibly looking for.

Gilbert also talked about the athleticism of the line  Bruce Arians has talked about how much Alex Cappa and Caleb Bennonech are improving, but Gilbert seemed to have a different take when questioned about the line indicating that the left side of the line is where its at and they have to figure out where Cappa and Benenoch fit on the right side.

Gilbert said that they will use training camp to determine the strengths of Cappa and Benenoch and see where they best fit.

If the Bucs ever get the McCoy situation figured out one player that could be available is former number one pick Anthony Davis.

Davis a number one pick of the San Francisco 49ers in 2010 retired in 2015, came back and played briefly in 2016 before retiring again.

In 2013 Davis signed a five year 37.5 million dollar contract. Davis is wanting to play again, but the Bucs would need to work out a deal with the 49ers as they still own his rights.

A player like Anthony Davis should be able to come in and bring some stability to the right side of the line.

Another free against signed by the Bucs and a player to keep an eye on is Bruce Anderson from North Dakota State. Anderson a 5 feet 10 215 pound running back was part of three championship teams at North Dakota State.

Anderson can also catch the ball out of the backfield something that both Peyton Barber and Ronald Jones struggled with at times.

Anderson averaged 7.5 yards a carry this past season at North Dakota State, logging 924 rushing yards and nine touchdowns. Anderson also had 199 receiving yards and three touchdown catches. Anderson also returned kicks the three years he was at North Dakota State.

Running backs coach Todd McNair when asked about Ronald Jones, seems to think it is more of a confidence issue with Jones and has been working with Jones on his technique both running the ball and catching the ball out of the backfield.

Lets hope thats all it is or Ronald Jones might be calling Roberto Aguayo looking for work.



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