Bucs news and notes

The Bucs having just wrapped up mini-camp  will break for six  weeks after until the rookies report in late July.

Although the offense has created more “highlight film” moments than the defense, it’s the defense that has shown up and been winning the battles in the red zone.

The Bucs have spent a lot of time working on the red zone offense, two minute drills, etc, and the defense has come up with a ton of big plays.

Let’s all temper our enthusiasm shall we? It’s underwear football as they call it, shorts and a helmet. As Koetter has said many times, it’s not hard to look good when you’re playing underwear football. The pads will not come on till the team reconvenes in late July.

Chris Godwin continues to have a nice off-season, as he had a couple of great catches during mini-camp.  Winston had nice chemistry with OJ Howard throwing a nice ball down the middle of the field and Howard took it to the house.

The highlights were few and far between for the offense, as they turned the ball over numerous times in the red zone. Koetter indicated he was not happy with the play of the offense but said that there was plenty of times to get some things fixed.

Jason Pierre Paul finally made his first appearance in a Bucs uniform and held court with the media for about 10 minutes. Pierre Paul said that he has been studying the defensive install every day, been in the gym at 6AM daily and doesn’t feel that missing mini-camp will be an issue.

You get the sense that Pierre Paul is very confidant in his ability and is confident that once its game time, he will be ready to go and do what he was brought here to do and that is put pressure on the QB.

JR Sweezy is expected to be cleared for football activities in the next two weeks. Sweezy is expected to be ready for training camp and defend his starting position. I still think its 50-50 if Sweezy make the team or not come September.

One interesting tidbit I took form Koetter’s ending press conference  was that Bobo Wilson and Freddie Martino have had outstanding off-seasons and that could put 5th round pick Justin Watson in jeopardy of making the final roster. This is a battle we will be watching during training camp. Watson was not able to attend mini-camp and according to Koetter has a lot of catching up to do.

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