Bucs offense out of synch with Antonio Brown

What ails the Bucs offense? Is it the Antonio Brown factor?

Ever since Brown arrived on the scene in Tampa, the Buccaneers are 1-3. You could argue that the Bucs have played three excellent teams and two Super Bowl contenders in that four-game stretch.

The Bucs will have to play much better and beat these kinds of teams in the playoffs if they hope to reach the promised land, aka a Super Bowl Championship.

The Bucs are 7-5, and they are no valid reasons that you can give me why this offense is so inconsistent and so inept at times.

The Bucs were 6-2 before Antonio Brown came on the scene.

During the 6-2 start to the season, All-Pro receiver Mike Evans had 30 catches, and two games were ha had over 100 yards receiving.

Since the arrival of Brown, Evans has 19 catches in four games but no 100-yard receiving games.

Brown has 20 catches but has seemed to become a favorite target of Brady. Every game has at least two or three long balls thrown by Brady that miss Brown by at least 10 yards.

Scotty Miller was Brady’s favorite target on the long passes before Brown’s arrival, and his production has suffered.

Miller has two catches since Brown has arrived. During the first eight games, Miller had 25 catches including, one game of over 100 yards receiving.

As part of his 25 catches, two of those catches went for 44 and 47 yards.

Arians has been quoted on a couple of different occasions saying that it has been an injury issue with Miller, as to why his production has declined, and he has not been a big part of the offense.

The offensive coordinator spoke to that before the Bucs and Chiefs game. “I’m a big fan of Scotty’s, so I know what he can do. He played some, but he didn’t play a lot. We’re working him back in. The type of injury he had, you can’t just get healthy and be okay. It wasn’t like it was a hand or a wrist. We’ll get him back healthy, and he’ll be more and more involved as we go on just because he’s a great player and makes plays for us. He’ll be more and more involved as we move on.”

Miller had zero catches in the game against the Chiefs.

I will be waiting to see more Scotty Miller in the offense in the future. I think it has more to do with the addition of Antonio Brown.

Miller may have had issues with his hamstring and groin, but when you add a wide receiver of Brown’s ability, someone’s reps are going to cut, and that person is Scotty Miller.

With locker rooms closed and practices limited, there is no way to ask Scotty Miller about his injury and limited role in the offensive game plan.

Brady had maybe 50 practices with Brown and played in one game with Brown as a New England Patriot. That was 15 months ago.

I don’t know how you can expect Brown to walk into the Buccaneers training center and have instant chemistry and connection with any receiver immediately. It just doesn’t happen that way.

The Bucs and Arians are forcing the ball to Brown. They want Brown to get in the offensive flow of the game. That chemistry is not there, and that is hurting this team and the offense overall.

The Bucs need to get this fixed over this bye week. I’m not saying Brown can’t be a part of the offense.

Scotty Miller was on pace for a breakout season, and Brown’s arrival put an end to that.

Mike Evans’s streak at six consecutive seasons of 1,000 yards will end thanks to the arrival of Antonio Brown.

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