Bucs will cut McCoy and trade draft picks with the Giants

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers will end up cutting Gerald Mcoy. There are many reasons as to why Jason Licht  will come to  this decision.

First, is the $13 million dollars that McCoy is due to make this season.  According to Mike Lombardi, the Bucs have been trying to trade McCoy but have not had any takers.

Teams are reluctant to trade for a 30 year old defensive tackle who has seen his production slip the last three years and is due $13 million dollars.

Should the Bucs be able to trade McCoy, the best that they would get in return would be a low round draft pick.

With the Bucs assuredly moving on from McCoy that changes the draft plan for the Buccaneers. The Bucs would then be need of a defensive lineman to take McCoy’s spot on the roster.

Right now at number five, the Bucs should take Devin White the linebacker from LSU.

With McCoy not on the roster, the Bucs will need to sign a defensive lineman or pick one up that is still available. With the Bucs being just $1.7 million dollars under the cap according to Spotrac and needing about five million dollars to sign the 2019 draft class, signing a defensive lineman does not appear to be an option.

The New York Giants would be the perfect trade partner for the Bucs. The Bucs would swap positions with the Giants with the Giants getting the number five pick in the draft, and the Bucs getting the number six and 17 picks from the Giants.

The Giants are in desperate need of a quarterback to replace Eli Manning and this would ensure that the Giants could select one of the top quaterbacks in the draft.

Dwayne Haskins of Ohio State is who the Giants should select and could select with the number five pick and Devin White would still be available for the Bucs at number six.

The Bucs could then use the 17th selection to pick a defensive lineman to take the place of Gerald McCoy. Montez Sweat from Ole Miss should be available at number 17. Jeffrey Simmons from Mississippi State, Brian Burns from Florida State, and Dexter Lawrence from Clemson should also be available at number 17.

These next couple of weeks leading up to the draft will be interesting in Tampa. Defensive needs will continue to be the main focus for the Buccaneers in the 2019 draft.


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