Byron Leftwich Says The Buccaneer Offense Hasn’t Taken A Step Back

While the Buccaneers are getting ready for their season finale in Atlanta this Sunday, offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich wants us to believe that the offense hasn’t taken a step back this season; it just looks different.

His press conferences are almost becoming a waste of time. It seems he cannot self-reflect and readily admit that his offense, his playcalling, and his lack of imagination on offense are the primary reasons the Bucs are 8-8 and have underachieved this season.

Just like President Biden will tell you that the border is secure, and he wants you to believe it, Leftwich wants you to think that this offense hasn’t missed a beat from last season.

Despite scoring 215 points less this season than a season ago, Leftwich believes this offense is on par with the Buccaneer offenses of the last two seasons.

Just because you keep repeating something and want someone to believe it doesn’t make it true.

When you have four future Hall of Famers on offense, and your offense can’t even get to 20 points a game on most afternoons, that is a problem.

Leftwich met with the media Thursday afternoon and lectured the press. “I think you guys overexaggerate because we look different. The numbers say we’re not that far off.”

Let’s talk about the numbers.

-The Buccaneers have scored 215 points less this season than they did during the 2021 season.

-The Bucs have scored 29 touchdowns, down from 56 last season.

-A couple of other numbers from the 2022 season. The Bucs are 25th in red zone efficiency and 24th in total scoring. Their third down efficiency is 36.8 percent this season.

This is Leftwich’s legacy and his offense. Unfortunately, these are not numbers to be proud of. These numbers flat-out stink. And so has the offense most of this season.

It is difficult for me to fathom how an offense with the greatest player in the history of the game Tom Brady, one of the top receivers in the game in Mike Evans, and future Hall of Famer right tackle Tristan Wirfs can be this bad.

I understand the offensive line losing three players from last year’s team, but this offense, for the most part, has been an epic fail this season.

This is why I want to see the starters play this weekend. This team has been out of synch on offense all season, and they still have a lot of work to do to be consistent and get

We have seen glimpses at times of the Bucs high powered offense from last season, But most of the time, it has been three and out. Poor play calling and no imagination on offense have stymied this offense.

That lies at the feet of Byron Leftwich.

Leftwich continued to scold the media saying, “When you really listen to people talk about us, that’s emotions talking. That’s not really people that’s watching us, watching us get better every week. For some reason, everybody wants to throw dirt on the Bucs, but we’re not ready for people to throw dirt on us.”

For the record, no one is throwing dirt on the Bucs, We are just looking at the videotape, and the tape doesn’t lie.

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