Defense has major meltdown in 48-10 loss to the Bears

8350AE3E-AEF5-4EC9-B18F-CA3D71B2DEDD.jpegThis loss you have to lay squarely on the shoulders of the defense. Sure the offense was pitiful today as well, but today’s game was the first time this season that the offense was a non-factor.

The Bucs spent a lot of money in the off-season to upgrade the DL in particular. The Bucs drafted 5 defensive players in the draft even taking a DL Vita Vea with their No. 1 selection.

Yet with all of these draft picks, the upgrades to the DL, this defense continues to regress and get worse and worse. The Bucs are giving up over 440 yards a game and in Mike Smith’s tenure as DC, the Bucs have given up over 400 yards in 19/36 games. That stat comes courtesy of Jenna Laine of ESPN.

Why does no one inside One Buc place seem to care that this defense under Mike Smith is a disgrace? It is the same thing every year.

What we saw today we witnessed ad nausem last year. Guys not communicating. Guys lining up out of position. Receivers being left wide open. These defensive players just seem to not have a clue as to what they are to do or where they are to be on the field. Especially the DB’s.

Don’t start with the injury excuse. Last year when the defense had their full compliment of DB’s, they still got torched game in and game out and the same issues were there last year as we are seeing this year.

Lining up correctly and knowing where to be in each situation is coaching. Thats what Smith and his staff are supposed to be working on during the week.

If the was the only game you saw Mitch Trubisky play, you would think he was the greatest QB of all time. The Bucs have played Drew Brees, Nick Foles, Ben Roethlisberger, and now Mitch Trubisky.

Trubisky is the least experienced and the lesser talent of the four QB’s the Bucs have played and yet based on his play today against the Bucs you would think he is the top QB in the league when in reality he wouldn’t start for half of the teams in the NFL.

There was absolutely no excuse for this performance today. Dirk Koetter was right when he said at his post game press conference that everyone should be fired based on this performance.

Offensively, Fitz-magic officially ran out at half-time when Koetter made the decision to go with Jameis Winston to start the second half. Not that Winston was going to bring the Bucs from their 32 point half-time deficit, but just to get him some work against an NFL defense.

Ronald Jones got his first action of the season and we all saw why he was inactive the first three games of the season. he brings absolutely nothing to the offense right now. Jones had 10 carries for 29 yards and dropped one of the few passes thrown his way.

Another great mystery is the lack of a running game. The Bucs run game is one of the worst in the NFL. Peyton Barber can’t seem to get untracked. Jacquizz Rodgers, Shaun Wilson and now Ronald Jones have all been non factors.

The Bucs now have two weeks to think about this one as they have their bye next week and will be in Atlanta in two weeks to play the Falcons.

Between now and then lots of questions to be asked, lots of soul searching to be done.

Will we see a new DC the next time the Bucs take the Field? Not likely. We will see a new DC when Koetter is shown the door and Smith is following right behind him

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