Rays ready for spring training 2.0

The Tampa Bay Rays are beginning spring training 2.0 at Tropicana Field and in Port Charlotte today.

The 60 game schedule is to be released sometime over the weekend, but is being reported by the Athletic that the Rays will open up at home hosting the Toronto Blue Jays on July 23rd.

In addition to the testing that everyone affiliated with the team will go through on a daily basis, there will be a ton of other rules and regulations that all players will need to adhere to.

No lounging will be allowed in the players clubhouse before or after games. No card games, no ping pong games, nothing.

Players will not be able to come to the stadium earlier than five hours before the game starts. There also is a 90 minute window after the game where they will need to exit the stadium.

There will be no pre and post game buffets. Only pre-packaged food will be served.

No showers will be allowed at the stadium.

Players must stand six feet away from other players, coaches and the manager on the field.

No fraternization will be allowed.

During the game social distancing requirements will also be in effect, as many players will have to sit in he stands during the game spaced out between rows.

No spitting is allowed. No use of tobacco. No sunflower seeds since you have to spit those out. Chewing gum will be allowed.

There is a lot that the players will have to get used to. There are already numerous players around the Major Leagues that have opted out for the 2020 season.

Ryan Zimmerman of Washington
Mike Leake Pitcher Arizona
Joe Ross Washington Nationals
Ian Desmond Colorado Rockies

Minnesota Twins coaches Bob McClure and Bill Evers wont be with the team as they have opted out for health reasons. They will help out in other areas of the organization.

As of this writing no member of the Rays organization or coaches have opted out of the 2020 season.

Here is a look at the Rays 60 man roster for spring training 2.0.


There is not a lot of open positions on this team. There could be some competition at back-up catcher, and also for a couple of spots in the bullpen.

With the Minor league baseball season being cancelled, this roster will serve as a taxi squad for the Rays during the 60 game season.

Players not part of the Rays big league roster will continue to workout in Port Charlotte. The Rays will draw from this player pool to replace players that might get injured during the season.


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