Rays Still Struggling

The Tampa Bay Rays still find themselves in last place in the AL east after yesterday’s 4-2 win against the Angels. The Rays are 34-48 and on pace to lose 96 games. I Think they will challenge the 02 Devil Rays for  the all time record of 106 losses. The Ryas have not been this bad  since Joe Maddon’s 2nd year when the Rays lost 96 games. 

The Rays are hitting .240 that is 26th in MLB and last in the AL. Injuries have hurt the offensively challenged Rays no doubt, but can you honestly say  even with a healthy Souza, Guyer, and Keirmaier the record would be reversed and  the Rays would be challenging for the division lead?  Me either. The story most of the season has been a lot of home runs with no one on base and when runners are in scoring position, the Rays can’t get the big hit. Help from the farm has been none existent, Motter, Beckham, Franklin. If that’s the best you can do, you’re going to be in last place in the division and stumbling toward the all star break. 

The pitching has been a mess all year. The starters continue to struggle to pitch deep into games and the bullpen is burned out and has nothing left now.  How nice would it be to have Jake McGee on this team about now? Matt Andriese their best starter this year when he started, was moved to the bullpen to save wear and tear on the arms there. Geltz, Romero, Eveland, Ramirez are fatigued and have become non effective at this point. Even when healthy, Geltz, and Eveland  are not that great .

Alex Colome is back tonight which will help. He has not blown a save all year 19 for 19.  Hopefully, Brad Boxberger is completely healthy when he comes back which should bring some stability to the bullpen. 

If Boxberger had been healthy all year would it have made much of a difference?  If the starters can’t pitch past the 5-6 inning and are have thrown upwards of 100 pitches, you are still going to wear the bullpen down. Alex  Colome has been outstanding this season. Cedeno has been decent in his role. 

Matt Silverman definitely has his work cut out for him. There  has been talk of Matt Moore and Jake Ordorizzi being on the trading block.  This team definitely needs some bullpen help, and catching help. The Rays catchers can’t hit, and it is a free for all when opposing runners are on base. They run at will on these catchers. Casali or Conger can’t seem to throw any one out. 
–Evan Longoria and Alex Colome are the only Rays who have a shot to be named to the All Star Team. Longoria has been hitting like the Longoria of old. He is on pace for 36 HR this season. Colome has been the Rays best pitcher all season.  Colome has been perfect in save opportunities this season. 

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