Should the Bucs pursue Antonio Brown?

With the Signing of Tom Brady late last week, one of the unwritten conditions in the contract is that Brady wants to have a say in the shaping of the roster.

And part of that may be Brady’s insistence that the Bucs sign Antonio Brown and have him join Brady in Tampa.

Brown and Brady developed an uncanny chemistry in the 11 days that they were together in New England and Brady had Brown stay at his house during his short lived tenure with the Patriots.

Bruce Arians and Jason Licht will need to change the way that they have done business in the past, now that Brady is in Tampa.

Arians will need to modify his offense from a down field passing game to a modified version of that and also take some input from Brady on the offensive scheme and possibly personal.

Brown has had a really tough couple of years beginning with the way he left Pittsburgh to his odd behavior in Oakland. And we haven’t even began to get into how embarrassing some of the off field incidents for Brown have been.

Before his exit from the Steelers in 2018, Brown was the best receiver in the NFL.

Would Brown be a good fit in Tampa?

He is immensely talented there is no question about that. At best he would be a third receiver on this club behind Mike Evans and Chris Godwin.

He would put additional pressure on the defense when you would have Evans, Godwin, and Brown on the field all at the same time.

Brown also has the potential to be a huge distraction. His ego would maybe not allow him to be a number three receiver.

Brown is all about Antonio, and if he is not the center of attention or getting the number of balls thrown to him that he thinks is due him, the potential is there for Brown to become a huge distraction.

This is something that the Bucs don’t need. The Bucs are still a young team and this kind of distraction would only hurt the Buccaneers.

All of this may be a moot point as the NFL has not finished its investigation in the alleged rape allegations against Brown.

If the Bucs wanted to sign Brown, he would need to be reinstated by commissioner Roger Goodell.

In an interview on 102.5 in Tampa, Brown seemed extremely happy for Brady signing with the Bucs and said he would like to play with Brady again.

Brown also said that he has a good relationship with Bucs head coach Bruce Arians. Arians and Brown worked together when Arians was the wide receivers coach in Pittsburgh from 2004-2006, and then as offensive coordinator from 2007-2011.

Due to the Coronavirus situation, the Bucs will introduce Tom Brady in a conference call at 12 noon on Tuesday where Brady will discuss why he signed with the Bucs and what attracted him to Tampa.

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