The Bucs should just say no to Jamal Adams and Josh Gordon

With the news that Jamal Adams may have played his last down for the New York Jets, there is talk trade with the Buccaneers may be in the works. 

Adams has the Buccaneers on his list of teams that he would like to be traded to.  He would like to be reunited with former Jets head coach and current Bucs defensive coordinator Todd Bowles. 

Adams is a hell of a player. All-Pro talent. One of the best safeties in football. 

Adams has reportedly asked for a new contract in the 20 million dollar a year range. The Bucs are in salary cap hell right now and are going to have to get creative to come up with enough money to get their draft picks signed. 

The Bucs secondary is young and could benefit from a guy like Adams in the room. 

The good news is, the Bucs defense did improve significantly over the last half of last season. 

The turn around started after the Bucs cut defensive back Vernon Hargreaves. 

The Bucs drafted what appears to be the safety of the future taking Minnesota safety Antoine Winfield in the second round. 

Justin Evans who missed all of the 2019 season is hoping to be back in 2020. Carlton Davis, Mike Edwards, Sean Murphy-Bunting, Jordan Whitehead, MJ Stewart, and Jamel Dean all players the Bucs drafted the last couple of years to fix the secondary issues. 

The final eight games of last season showed us what kind of potential this group has. 

How many more wins is Adams going to give the Bucs.? Not enough to mortgage the future. The rumored trade was the Bucs giving up their first and third picks in the 2021 draft along with safety Jerome Whitehead for Adams.

No thank you that is too much to give up. Don’t forget the 20 million dollars a year you be paying home for the next few years in a sign and trade deal.

Josh Gordon. Photo courtesy of Full press Coverage

Wide receiver Josh Gordon has applied for reinstatement and there have been rumors that he may find a home in Tampa. 

Why? The Bucs already have two of the best wide receivers in the game in Mike Evans and Chris Godwin. 

The only ream that can even come close to matching the Bucs talent at wide receiver is Arizona with future HOFer Larry Fitzgerald and DeAndre Hopkins. 

The Bucs drafted a kid with the first-round talent in Tyler Johnson from Minnesota. Johnson was projected to go in the second round but fell to the fifth round where the Bucs were able to draft him. 

Johnson is projected to battle Scotty Miller and Justin Watson for the third wide receiver spot. 

The Bucs are also in a very unique position were three tight ends will make the roster and they all have above-average pass-catching skills. 

Rob Gronkowski a future HOFer, OJ Howard, and Cameron Brate. Anyone of these tight ends can be used as a third, fourth, or fifth receiver depending on the offensive formation. 

Gordon has had more chances and disappointed every time once he had been given another opportunity.

Gordon is a heck of a talent. When he is focused on playing, Gordon is a top 10 receiver in the league. 

But you just can’t trust the guy. The Bucs already have a pro in the wide receiver room in Mike Evans who will do a great job mentoring the young receivers. 

This is a team that is focused on winning the division and making a deep playoff run. The Bucs need no distractions. 

Adams would hurt them financially and the Bucs would not see the return on the field for what they would have to pay him and the draft picks that they would have to give up. 

Gordon would be a huge distraction and that is something this Bucs team just doesn’t need right now. 

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