The Stanley Cup playoffs may happen as late as August

How do you feel about having the Stanley Cup raised in late August or September?

It seems that if that happens, it may get pushed to the back of the sports pages and be given its 15 seconds nightly on the national sports shows.

College football will be starting up, the NFL will be wrapping up its training camp, getting ready for the regular season, and MLB will be in the middle of its season looking towards a strong finish.

Deputy NHL commissioner Bill Daly speaking with the Athletic said that “The only definite for us is we certainly don’t want to do anything around a resumption of play this season
that will impact our ability to have a full season next year.”

The original plan was to resume play in May or June with the Stanley Cup finals in July.

The medical experts are now saying that conditions may not be right for a restart on the season till July or August which would push the Stanley Cup Finals to August or September.

Some teams would like to finish the regular season as they were one to two points out of a playoff spot and would like the opportunity to get into the playoffs.

That would extend the season even later. Most teams had played anywhere from 68-71 games when the season was shut down.

According to TSN, a group of players have come up with a plan that would have a brief training camp starting in July, with the resumption of the regular season in late July or early August.

Then you would have two months of playoffs, followed by the draft, free agency, and then the start of the 2020-21 NHL season with training camps in October, and the regular season beginning in November.

With the late start of the season, it would be a compressed schedule from the start of the season through early April.

The league would still play an 82 game schedule.

With the condensed schedule, that would mean the elimination of the All-Star game and the bye week.

Right now, no one knows how the shut down will continue or when exactly the season would be able to resume.

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