The Winston debate should he stay or go?

Now that we know most of the details surrounding the three game suspension of Jameis Winston,  a lot of people are questioning whether the Bucs should keep Winston around or cut him loose and start over with a new QB and face of the franchise.

Let’s start with Jameis Winston the football player. Winston is only 24 years old and has the best years of his career ahead of him, providing injury does not derail him along the way.

When you compare Winston’s stats after three  years to those of the all time greats, his numbers stack up very well. 69 career TD’s and 44 INT. Over 11k in passing yards.   Two seasons of over 4K yards passing.

Between the 20’s Winston is outstanding. It’s in the red zone and his inability to throw the deep ball accurately that has held him back from being mentioned with the best of the best. Winston’s development was stunted last year due to his injuries, and poor OL line play, no running game, lack of chemistry with DeSean Jackson, and on and on and on.

Here is what Winston has not done win. That’s is the most important stat that QB’s get measured on. How many games did your team win? How many playoff games have you won?  Winston is failing in that area. Everyone talks about his leadership ability, I can’t remember a game where Winston put this team on his back and willed the Bucs to victory. Elite QB’s can and will do that. Until Winston can do that, he will always be in the second and third tier of QB’s in the NFL.

Jameis Winston the person. There is no excuse for this type of behavior. If this is what alcohol does to you and your behavior, you should never take another drink again. You can’t keep blaming youth and ignorance for these behavior problems.

There were three incidents at FSU where his decision making came into question. The crab legs incident at Publix’s, His yelling profanities in the student center while standing on top off a table, His alleged rape of a fellow FSU student which he settled out off court. Now we have another incident where he allegedly groped a female Uber driver inappropriately.

Some other questions to consider. Is the guy you want leading your franchise? Is this the guy that you want as the face of your franchise?  What if the Uber driver had been your daughter, mother, girlfriend? Would that change your opinion of Winston?

Winston is lucky he only received a three game suspension. This is one reason why the NFL’s discipline policy is a joke and needs to be completely overhauled. Brady allegedly deflates footballs and gets a four game suspension. Josh Gordon smokes a little marijuana and can’t get on the field for two years as his suspension went on and on. Winston groped a female Uber driver which he didn’t deny in his apology and gets three games. Really? So according to the powers to be in the NFL office, deflating footballs and smoking a little grass are much worse than an alleged sexual assault.

Winston is running out of chances in Tampa. He will be on a short leash. if there is even a hint of a violation of the NFL’s personal conduct policy he will be gone faster than you can blink your eyes. Winston has used his last get out of jail free card.

The Bucs will let him play out this season for sure. Although they did pick up his option for next season, that is not guaranteed and the Bucs could part ways with him after the season. Everything Winston does will be analyzed under a microscope. His play on the field, his decision making, and most importantly his off the field actions.

Winston should be thanking his lucky stars that he has been given another chance if you will. If Fitzpatrick goes 3-0 or 2-1 to start the season in Winston’s absence, all bets are off and we will have a QB controversy on our hands.



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