There is a 100 percent chance we will have baseball this season

Baseball commissioner Rob Manfred, says that there is a 100 percent chance that we have baseball in 2020.

We may have baseball, but there will be some hard feelings that will not be forgotten in 2021 when negotiations on a new collective bargaining agreement will begin.

While the baseball owners and the players go back and forth, the time to start the season is slipping away and the integrity of the season is

The owners want a season with 48-50 games while paying the players 75 percent of their prorated salaries.

The latest proposal from the players is an 89 game season with 100 percent payment of the prorated salaries. The players have also given their approval to extend the postseason to eight teams per league for a total of 16 teams.

The Players proposal has a July 10th start for the season and a wrap-up date of October 11th.

Speaking with the MLB network, Commissioner Rob Manfred is insisting on the regular season ending by September the 27th, and the playoffs wrapping up by November 1st.

Manfred is worried that there will be another Coronavirus uprising in the fall and wants to make sure that the season is complete and will not have to shut down a second time.

Manfred is going to give the players union just a few more days to agree with the owners before he mandates the 48-50 game season.

The owners are projecting losses of 640K per game with no fans in attendance.

As the season goes on, there could be fans in attendance at some point. The state of Texas is allowing stadiums to be at 50 percent capacity right now for sporting events.

As a representative for the owners said today “were nowhere.”

But to quote Rob Manfred “there is a 100 percent chance we have baseball this season.”

Meanwhile, we all are waiting.

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