There is now A QB controversy in Tampa

If there wasn’t a QB controversy before there is certainly one now, After the performance of Jameis Winston today in which he threw 4 interceptions and continued to make poor decisions with the football, is there any doubt that Tampa needs to move on from Winston?

Ryan Fitzpatrick came in and the magic was back right away. It was like he never left. Fitzpatrick passed for just shy of 200 yards and threw 2 TD passes. In his post-game press conference Koetter would not say if Fitzpatrick would be the starter going forward saying “I don’t have to make that decision today.”

If he wants to keep his job, if he wants to keep the fan base energized, if he wants to win, than Koetter should name Fitzpatrick as the starting QB going forward.

It is never a good idea to go back and forth between QB’s. Bit when you are coaching for your life and your job is on the line you have to do what you have to do to win games.

Let’s make one thing clear, Ryan Fitzpatrick is not the QB of the future in Tampa. He is 35 years old and has the better part of his career behind him.

But for one season, 7 or eight games, why not let Fitzpatrick be the starting QB? He has proven that he can move the offense and win games. What do you have to lose?

If the defense had actually played defense with 59 seconds to go and not let Andy Dalton take the ball down field to set up a game winning FG, I’m confidant that Fitzpatrick would have gotten a win for the Bucs in Cincinnati.

Let’s also be clear that there is a lot of issues on the team especially on the defensive side of the ball that remain. So to say that a different QB is going to come in and be able to lead the Bucs to the promise land is delusional thinking.

Winston has been given 4 years to prove his worth to this organization as a starting QB. In 49 games, Winston has thrown 54 picks and is responsible for 67 turnovers since he came into the league. That’s not numbers that will get you anointed as the franchise and the QB of the future.

Winston is not getting any better on his reads, his decision making continues to suffer and he has no accuracy on the long ball, although he did hit Jackson with a 60 yard TD pass today.

Winston also hangs on to the ball too long and takes sacks at the worst times and the offense operates at half speed compared to the speed of the offense with Fitzpatrick under center.

If you look at just the stats of Winston, take his numbers and let’s say the QB‘s name was Bortles, Taylor, or Keenum, he would have been benched a long time ago. We would not even be having this discussion. Because of him being a No. 1 draft pick and him and Koetter have been joined at the hip, he has been more than a fair shake at the starting QB.

Sometimes you just have to realizeyou made an error judgment and that is what the Bucs need to do with Winston. Move on.

Winston continues to sing from the same hymnal at his post game press conference when asked about his turnovers just saying “I have to get better, I have to make better decisions with the ball.”

The Bucs are 3-4 and by no means is the season over. If the Bucs get to that point in the season where the playoffs are out of reach, I would like to see Ryan Griffin get a start or two.

The Bucs need to know what they have with the 28 year old Griffin before bringing in another high profile QB. How do you know he is not the guy? He has never been given an opportunity to be the starter. At some point the Bucs need to play Griffin and see what they have.

The defense was decent not great today, but that last drive the Bengals offense went through that defense like a hot knife through butter. I understand no Alexander and the injuries on the DL, but c’mon man have some pride, stand up and make a stop. Earn your money.

The turnovers generated by the defense continue to be a disappointment. One interception through seven games. Thats disgraceful.

Jason Pierre Paul continues to be the best player on the defense as he addded two more sacks to his stats today bringing his total to 8 on the season.

It will be an interesting week a one Buc Place. By Wednesday when preparations begin for the Carolina Panthers we should hear that Fitzpatrick will be the starting QB going forward. And thats the right decision.



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