What is wrong with the Lightning?

After watching the Lightning get rolled over in New York by the Islanders last night 5-2, I began to ask myself a few question.

-With a Playoff berth within reach, why does the Lightning lack a sense of urgency? There seems to be no fire, no enthusiasm, kind of just going through the motions. This Lightning team will need to crank it up about 10 notches if they are to even win 1 round in the playoffs. 

–What about the loss of Steven Stamkos?  This could be the the  new reality for the Lightning. No Stamkos the rest of the  playoffs   and  possibly no Stamkos for the 2016-17 season and beyond as his contract is up and he is free to sign with any team. Stamkos did not exactly set the hockey world on fire with his performance in last years playoffs. As I recall the Lightning did OK without a lot of production from Stamkos. 

The loss of Stralman hurts more than the loss of Stamkos. It is much easier to replace offense than it is to replace good defensive players. 

All I know is this Lightning team needs to figure it out in a hurry. Take  advantage of the power play opportunities, eliminate the odds man rushes where Bishop is hung out to dry and has no chance to make a save. Every Man needs to look at himself in the mirror and ask himself if he is giving 110% effort for this team.

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