What losing Kwon Alexander means to the Buccaneers

The Buccaneer defense just took another step back today and guaranteed themselves another season mired in mediocrity as the news was annouced that linebacker Kwon Alexander will be signing a four year 54 million dollar contract with the San Francisco 49ers.

Jason Licht must have missed the memo that his defense was the worst in the NFL last season and one of the worst defenses in Buccaneer history.

There is no way to spin this in a positive way. Alexander was one of the best defensive players on the Bucs when healthy and one of the best linebackers in the NFL.

Just last week when Donavan Smith signed his contract extension, Licht said that Alexander was the heart and soul of the defense and they wanted to re-sign him.

According to ESPN, Licht was worried about Alexander being able to come back and be the player he was before the ACL injury. John Lynch the general manager of the 49ers had no such concerns as he was quick to offer Alexander.

Jack Cichy, Davonte Bond, Riley Bullough along with Lavonte David are the linebackers right now on the Buccaneer roster. Adarius Taylor, Cameron Lynch and Kevin Minter are all free agents and may or may not be back.

Jordan Hicks of the Eagles and CJ Mosley of the Ravens are still available but will command salaries in the 9-11 million dollar a year  range. If the Bucs were not going to pay Alexander the 13-14 million dollars a year, I don’t see them paying Hicks or Mosley.

The Bucs have reportedly talked with former Cardinals linebacker Deonne Bucannan about a contract but nothing to confirm on that news.

Josh Allen of Kentucky and Devin White of LSU are two of the top linebackers in the draft, but neither one will be able to come in as a rookie and fill the shoes of Kwon Alexander.

Jason Licht and the front office have spent a lot of money signing Mike Evans, Ali Marpet, Donavan Smith and Cameron Brate to contract extensions.

One problem. The Bucs are not getting any better. They are mired in mediocrity and that starts with Jason Licht and and his 27-53 record as GM. Licht is spending a lot of money, but the Bucs still stink and are on pace for another five win season. That is unacceptable.

The Bucs offensive line is the fourth highest paid in the NFL. And for all those dollars spent the Bucs offensive line is one of the worst in the NFL.

It seems as if Licht will spend a lot of money for mediocre talent.

In the next few days Licht will have a press conference and pat himself on the back as he announces that they indeed have re-signed their own free agents. Adarius Taylor, Peyton Barber, Cameron Lynch, names sure to excite the fan base right?

Being a salesperson in the Bucs front office right now trying to sell season tickets would be the toughest job in Tampa.

This move will haunt the Bucs for a long time. Players like Kwon Alexander just don’t come along very often.

Bucs fans get ready. It will be another long frustrating season in Tampa Bay.



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