What to do with DeSean Jackson

Desean Jackson was signed by the Bucs as a FA in the spring of 2017. Finally the Bucs would have that WR that would cause problems for opposing defenses with his speed and quickness.

To say expectations were high would be an understatement. Not only has Jackson been a huge disappointment in Tampa, but the chemistry with Jameis Winston just isn’t there.

In 2017 Jacksons first season in Tampa, he had 50 caches for 668 yards and 3 TD’s. Not horrible, but not the kind of production that was expected from Jackson.

In 2018 with Winston suspended, Jackson had his best games as a Buccaneer with Ryan Fitzpatrick as QB. 12 catches for 312 yards and 3 TDS. For the season Jackson ended up with 41 catches the worst of his career for 774 yards and 4 TDs

No one at One Buc Place has been able to put their finger on why Fitzpatrick and Jackson seemed to have much better chemistry than Winston and Jackson.

Fitzpatrick had a targeted completion rate of over 70% to Jackson. With Winston that targeted % fell to 37%.

Winston and Jackson spent hours and hours in the off-season working out together and trying to develop that chemistry and they just never clicked.

Thats what Jackson the player did in Tampa, now lets talk about Jackson the person.

If Jackson is not the main focal point of the offense he pouts. He will sulk, he takes plays off, he loafs. As Bruce Arians and the Bucs try to change the culture in the locker room Jackson is not the kind of player that is going to help to facilitate that change.

In mid-season as the Bucs were struggling trying to right the ship, Jackson asked for a trade. Just want you want a captain on your team doing when the going gets a bit tough. Ask for a trade Right?

Instead of working harder trying to correct the things that are going wrong, lets take the easy way out and ask out. Jackson quit on this team mid-season.

There were numerous reports that he became very argumentative with HC Dirk Koetter, the assistant coaches, and some of the players on the team over his frustration of not getting the ball more.

There are also reports of him falling asleep at team meetings and just not paying attention and being engaged.

Jackson set a very poor example of how an NFL player should conduct themselves in the locker room and set a very poor example to the rookies and young Buccaneer players.

There are other WRs that will be available in FA that the Bucs can target. John Brown, Golden Tate, and Tavon Austin just to name a few.

I’m sure the Bucs will also look at drafting at least one WR in the middle rounds of the upcoming draft.

Jackson is due $10 million dollars in 2019. The Bucs are currently $16 million under the cap. If he is traded or cut thats another $10 million the Bucs can spend on improving the team for 2019.

Arians has said he would like to have Jackson back. However according to Jackson the two have yet to speak about the situation.

I don’t think Jackson is a good fit for this Bucs team. They should trade him and see if they can get anything of value for him. If not cut your losses and show Jackson the door.

He can’t get out of town fast enough.



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